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I collaborate with over 50 lenders, mortgage providers, financial institutions, and banks, offering comprehensive BPO (Broker Price Opinion) services across multiple counties in Texas. My expertise spans various areas, including:

  1. Low LTV Refinance: Catering to the common nationwide need for refinancing with low loan-to-value ratios.

  2. Streamlined Process: Providing a streamlined approach particularly advantageous in the competitive Texas market, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

  3. Verifying Equity for Loans: Assisting in verifying equity for loan purposes, crucial for lenders in assessing risk and making informed decisions.

  4. Texas FHL Lending: Adhering strictly to FHFA regulations and specific lender policies, ensuring compliance and reliability in Texas FHL lending practices.

  5. Low-Risk Scenarios in Stable Texas Markets: Offering insights and assessments in low-risk scenarios within the stable Texas real estate markets, providing confidence to lenders and investors.

  6. Estate Planning Valuation: Providing accurate valuation services essential for estate planning purposes, facilitating informed decision-making.

  7. Cash-Out Refinance: Tailoring services to accommodate cash-out refinancing needs, subject to loan-to-value ratios and lender policies, ensuring flexibility and convenience for clients.


With a deep understanding of the Texas market dynamics and a commitment to delivering reliable and efficient services, I am dedicated to supporting the diverse needs of my clients across the real estate and financial sectors.

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