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90 Day Market Snapshot & Trends in Real Estate in Collin, Dallas, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, and Rockwall counties. (4/18/24)

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Market Trends Texas, Amanda Allen Realtor

Explore the thriving real estate scene across Collin, Dallas, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, and Rockwall counties in Texas. I'm here to provide you with key statistics shedding light on the market's recent trends over the past 90 days. These insights offer valuable perspective for both discerning buyers and sellers, ensuring a knowledgeable approach to navigating the dynamic residential property landscape.

Total Closed Sales Count:

In these specific counties, the total closed sales count stands at 2,452, reflecting a recent downtrend of 15%. Despite this decrease, it's essential to note the considerable volume of transactions within the market.

Total Pending Sales Count: With 3,543 pending sales, there has been an encouraging uptrend of 8% in recent months. This surge in pending sales suggests a growing demand for properties in the area.

Total Active Listings Count: Currently, there are 8,433 active listings, indicating a downtrend of 17%. This reduction in available inventory may lead to increased competition among buyers for desirable properties.

Months of Inventory (Average): The average months of inventory have increased by 20%, reaching a level of 5 months. This metric measures the balance between supply and demand, with higher values indicating a more balanced market favoring buyers.

Days On Market (Average): The average days on market have risen to 61 days, representing an uptrend of 17%. This increase suggests that properties are taking slightly longer to sell, potentially giving buyers more time to explore their options.

Sale Price to List Price (Average): The average sale price to list price ratio stands at 95%, indicating an uptrend of 2%. This uptick suggests that sellers are achieving closer to their asking prices, signaling a robust market for sellers.

I'm seeing some interesting trends in the local market. Positive signs like rising pending sales and strong sale-to-list price ratios indicate momentum. But metrics like closed sales and days on market suggest some recent hurdles.

It's a dynamic landscape, and navigating it alone can be tricky. That's why I recommend partnering with me and my team at Coldwell Banker. Our expertise can make a world of difference, whether you're buying or selling.

For insightful articles, news updates, market analysis, and valuable guidebooks, visit It's a great resource to stay informed and make confident decisions in this ever-changing market.

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