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Amanda Allen Homes: Elevating Your Real Estate Experience with a Competitive Edge at Coldwell Banker

Amanda Allen, TX Realtor with Amanda Allen Homes & Coldwell Banker

At Amanda Allen Homes, it's all about you and your unique real estate aspirations. We understand that every client is different, and your needs are at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to empower YOU on this journey, providing tailored solutions that align with your goals.

Client-Centered Core Values:

  1. Your Vision, Our Expertise: We turn your real estate vision into reality.

  2. Your Needs, Our Priority: Your requirements guide our dedicated service.

  3. Your Success, Our Commitment: We're here to ensure your real estate goals are achieved.

  4. Informed by Your Goals: Our strategies are shaped by your objectives.

  5. Empowering Your Decisions: We provide market insights to empower your choices.

  6. Marketing for Your Advantage: Our efforts are all about showcasing your property to the right audience.

  7. Your Journey, Our Support: From the beginning to closing, we're by your side.

My Background is Your Advantage in Real Estate:

In my journey through life, I've worn many hats and gathered a diverse set of experiences along the way. From my background in cardiology, neurology, and pathology to my involvement in telecommunications and tradeshows, I've learned invaluable lessons that directly benefit you in your real estate endeavors.

Attention to Detail and Diagnostic Precision: My background in cardiology and pathology has honed my keen eye for detail. Whether inspecting properties or negotiating on your behalf, nothing escapes my scrutiny. This meticulous approach saves sellers time and money on repairs and helps buyers make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth and surprise-free real estate journey.

Effective Communication and Tech-Savvy Expertise: Drawing from my background in telecommunications and tradeshows, I've honed my communication skills and embraced cutting-edge digital tools. This means I can simplify complex real estate processes, ensuring you understand every step while leveraging technology to save you time and make informed, financially sound decisions.

Educational Focus: As a blog writer in both the real estate and religious teaching domains, I understand the power of education. I'm committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to make confident decisions. Real estate can be complex, but I'm here to simplify it for you.

Unlocking Opportunities with the Right Mindset: Imagine having a partner who approaches challenges with the same determination that most people reserve for their morning coffee. As your realtor, I'm not just skilled at negotiations; I bring a compassionate and authentic approach to every transaction. My past experiences working alongside influential individuals, including lobbyists, congress members, sheriffs, and judges, have given me a unique perspective.

My diverse background isn't about me – it's about you. It's about leveraging my experiences to make your real estate journey as smooth, efficient, and rewarding as possible. I'm not just your realtor; I'm your advocate, problem solver, and educator, dedicated to your success and satisfaction.

And the Reason I Choose Coldwell Banker for 2023

Here's a Glimpse of How Coldwell Banker Positions You and Its Realtors for Unmatched Success, Setting Us Apart from Any Other Brokerage:

When You Choose Coldwell Banker Real Estate to Sell Your Home, You Gain Access to Exclusive Benefits.....

  • RealVitalize®: We Cover Upfront Renovation Costs: Our commitment to you includes covering the expenses for renovating, refreshing, and staging your home, ensuring you achieve the best sale price. You only pay us once your home is successfully sold.

  • AARP® Real Estate Benefits by Anywhere: Did you know that AARP members can earn between $300 and $7,200 in benefits when they sell their homes with a participating Coldwell Banker affiliated agent?

  • Exclusive Look: Our Exclusive Look program leverages our vast network to connect you with motivated buyers even before your home officially hits the market. Discover this revolutionary program that not only empowers sellers with new options but also boosts sales prices, ultimately helping you make the move that's right for you!

.....and much more!

Now, here's the question: Are you ready to experience real estate with a professional who not only brings expertise but also a deep commitment to your success? Let's embark on this journey together. Reach out to me today and let's explore how strategic negotiation can lead you to the opportunities you've been waiting for.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Allen, Your TX Realtor


Website: Cell: 903-603-0648

Amanda Allen, Amanda Allen Homes is part of the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce & Veterans Business Alliance

Proud member of the Chamber of Commerce & the Veteran Business Alliance.

with designations for Graduate of Real Estate Institute, Short Sales & Foreclosures & Military Relocation Professional Realtor.


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