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Assisting Military Families during Relocation: A Realtor's Perspective

Tailored Services to Support Employment, Childcare, Community Integration, and More

As a dedicated realtor, I understand the unique challenges that military families face when it comes to relocation. From unemployment and childcare concerns to supporting youngsters and finding suitable schools, military families require specialized assistance during the moving process. In this article, I will outline the range of services I provide as a realtor, specifically tailored to meet the needs of military families.

Employment Support: Military spouses often encounter unemployment or underemployment due to frequent relocations. Recognizing this issue, I strive to assist them by providing valuable resources. I maintain an updated list of major employers in the area, ensuring that military spouses have access to potential job opportunities and the necessary contact information. By addressing their employment concerns, I aim to alleviate financial strain and enhance their overall well-being.

Childcare Assistance: Finding affordable and reliable childcare is a significant concern for military families, especially when extended family support is not readily available. I understand the importance of quality child care services, and I am committed to helping military families in this regard. I provide information about local child care facilities, preschools, and babysitting services, ensuring that families have access to suitable options to meet their specific needs.

Community Integration and Support: When a service member deploys, the responsibilities and maintenance tasks at home can become overwhelming for the remaining family members. To address this challenge, I provide information on service providers within the community. Additionally, I encourage families to reach out to me for assistance even after the transaction is complete, as I am well-connected with volunteer groups that provide support to military families. By facilitating community integration, I foster goodwill and generate future referrals.

Fiancé Considerations: It's important to note that a fiancé is not considered a dependent within the military, which affects weight allowances, entitlements, and reimbursable expenses. As a military relocation professional, I ensure that service members and their partners are aware of these distinctions, allowing them to make informed decisions and plan accordingly.

Supporting Youngsters and Teens: Relocating frequently can be challenging for children and teenagers in military families. I provide information packets tailored to kids and teens to address their concerns, helping them understand the move and adjust positively. I actively engage with teenagers, seeking their input on what they find appealing in their new community. I aim to alleviate anxiety and empower military children and teenagers during the moving process through personalized assistance.

Finding Suitable Schools: Education is a crucial consideration for military families when choosing a neighborhood. I assist families by providing information on school locations and ratings. Using tools like RPR® Neighborhood Reports, I showcase the proximity and quality of schools in the area, ensuring families can make well-informed decisions regarding their children's education.

Facilitating Engaging Activities: Military kids possess remarkable resilience, but finding ways to engage them in activities they enjoyed in their previous locations is essential. I proactively inquire about the activities children were involved in previously and provide information on local sports teams, scout troops, and various instruction programs. By ensuring a smooth transition into the new community, I aim to enhance their sense of belonging.

As a realtor dedicated to serving military families, I recognize the unique challenges they face during the relocation process. By providing comprehensive support such as employment resources, childcare information, community integration assistance, and tailored support for youngsters and teens, I aim to make their transition as seamless as possible. With my specialized knowledge and commitment to military families, I strive to provide exceptional service and generate positive outcomes throughout the moving journey.

Thank You for your Service!

Amanda Allen, MRP - 903-603-0648

Realtor and Military Relocation Professional (MRP) at RE/MAX Landmark.

It's an honor to assist veterans and active-duty service members in their real estate journey.

You can visit my website at to learn more about my services and read my real estate & military articles, and feel free to reach me at 903-603-0648. Thank you again for reading, and I look forward to assisting you on your real estate journey.

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