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Property Rights, Taxes, and More: The Texas Propositions Explained"

Property Rights, Taxes, and More: The Texas Propositions Explained

Are you aware of the upcoming propositions on November 7th, 2023? Texas Realtors have put forth a list of propositions they endorse, and I believe you may find it valuable.

Proposition 1 - Support (8JR126): This proposition establishes the right to farm, a cause Texas Realtors support wholeheartedly. Proposition 1 safeguards property rights, ensures the protection of one of Texas' largest industries, and guarantees Texans access to safe and affordable food.

Proposition 4 - Support (HJR 2 - Second Special Session Property Tax Relief): Texas Realtors endorse Proposition 4, which provides much-needed property tax relief for the people of Texas.

Proposition 6 - Support (SJR 75 - Establishing the Texas Water Fund): Texas Realtors rally behind Proposition 6, as it would secure critical funding to protect water quality, ensuring an ample supply of clean water for Texans and preserving real estate values for the future.

Proposition 7 - Support (SJR 93 - Establishing the Texas Energy Fund): Proposition 7 has the backing of Texas Realtors because it safeguards real estate values by ensuring that the Texas energy grid can meet the demands of tomorrow.

Proposition 8 - Support (HJR 125 - Establishing the Broadband Infrastructure Fund): Texas Realtors support Proposition 8, which enhances real estate values by bringing vital broadband infrastructure to underserved areas.

As homeowners, I hope you find this information valuable. Remember, Election Day is on Tuesday, November 7th, and early voting takes place from October 23rd to November 3rd. Make your voice heard! 🗳🏡

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